Canadian Men’s Olympic Hockey Players – Sochi 2014

The Canadian Men’s Olympic Hockey Players (Sochi 2014) gallery includes large scale contemporary colorful portraits that are partially abstract in color and form.  The format is cropped and is a close up view of the hockey player’s face; his eyes staring straight at the viewer.

Inspired by her love of the game, and human faces, Anastasia Moreyne painted a series of portraits of the Canadian Olympic Hockey players who gained prominence by winning the gold medal at the Olympic Canadian hockey games in Sochi. While painting each portrait she would listen to music, making it an entertaining and exhilarating one to one intimate experience with each each portrait.

Her only visual source was TV and photographs. The portraits are full of fiery glowing colors; purple, blues, pinks and yellows. Using spontaneous and animated brushstrokes, the textures and shapes created suggest the expressive physical and exciting high of the hockey game.  The Sochi rainbow color theme is re-created with vivid colorful images of florescent hues, evoking exhilarating feelings and the thrill of heightened emotions of scoring and winning.

The familiar and recognizable large scale contemporary iconic portrait of the hockey player is intentionally created to suggest that we see him as our larger than life contemporary idol. The close up, facial image provokes interactive intimacy with his image with his viewer.  The assertive eye stare of the hockey player engages his viewer in a back and forth equal interaction, just like a spectator experiences during the actual game where he becomes one with them; interacting, identifying and visually participating in the game.

This collection was inspired by the Canadian Men’s Hockey team at Sochi and is not affiliated in any regards with the event.

Click here to view the gallery up-close.

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